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“Life need not be long-lived for it to be meaningful.” -Unknown

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The Luna Butterfly: 
Its Significance

The luna moth can be found in several habitats across the United States, Canada, Mexico & Central America. Their wings are pale green with a distinct pattern (eyes) that span over 3 inches; making them one of the largest moths in North America.  They don't have mouths to eat & store all their energy as a caterpillar; this makes their lifespan 7-10 days. Their nocturnal habits make them rarely seen. 

Luna moths are special that carry a lot of meaning & symbolism:

Renewal:  a fresh start or feeling energized

Regeneration: hope and inspiration

Lightness and positivity: their green color can make people feel good

Spirituality: spiritual growth and enlightenment


Intuition: can help guide people


Healing: represent the body’s ability to heal


Rarity and beauty: their beautiful patterns remind us how we should value & appreciate unique things


Moon's phases: life, death, & rebirth cycles 



Working in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and helping families through our Perinatal Hospice Program, I witnessed many families voice concerns over how they would pay for their child's burial. 


When I sat with a family just hours after their newborn baby passed away and talking with the mortuary as they went through the options and costs, all she could do is cry and tell her family she couldn't afford it.  We talked about alternatives to burial and that just wasn't how this mom wanted to lay her baby to rest. 


I knew in that moment something had to be done and believed no family should have to make these decision based on financial ability.  Nor should the stress of financial ability overshadow the time they have to spend with their child or the memories they should be making.

While this may have been the first time I witness this situation, it defiantly would not be the last. When I started to talk about it, the more others started to share their experience with patients or even personal stories of struggling with mortuary costs.  


From Idea to Reality:
Evolution of the Luna Babies Foundation

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